Dear sister Christianah, the beautiful choir mistress Endowed with an angelic voice. You made the heavens   a stone throw away With your spirit-filled worship, Prophetic songs of praise. Yeah! I remember, Many got tongues       and inspiration     during your ministration. What a great sister- Miss Music Minister. Each time I … Continue reading SISTER CHRISTY


"You are rich, You will die You are poor, You will die" Ye that has ear let him hear That ye might be free From the eternal embrace of Sheol, To thee who trust in thy wealth And boast about their riches, Riches that can't pay enough to live forever Listen to the voice of … Continue reading HEAR THIS,MR. SENATOR.


Suited in suits, singing processional hymns Robed in robes, Choristers in recessional rhythms. Yet, robing room to brothel, defiled vessels in Bethel- Tunnel to hell Saints? Preacher:Jumping 'nd sweating on the pulpit     like men in the gymnasium. Usher- Turbanned head to ears      hums hymn hallowedly like a requiem. Usher ushers preacher in, Preacher … Continue reading SAINTS